6 Simple Tips to Simplify the Home Buying Process

Finding and buying a new home is a lot of work, but these simple tips can help take some of the work out of it. A little bit of research and preparation can go a long way when it comes to making the home buying process easier and more intentional. 

  1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage, and be firm about your budget.Knowing your price range and committing to it narrows down the enormous property market, helping you to focus on the properties that truly fit your life. It helps remove anxiety around whether you can afford a house, so you can feel good about making an offer and know that you have the financial backing to support that offer. 
  1. Work with a realtor – An experienced realtor has access to resources and shortcuts that the average person might not be aware of, They can guide you through the process efficiently and keep you from making potentially costly mistakes.
  1. Sign up for alerts. Alerts are a convenient and effective way to notify you when appropriate properties become available, so that you can move on them sooner.
  1. Check for liabilities. No matter how perfect a property may seem, there might always be potential nightmares lying below the surface. It’s essential to perform a search with the local land registry or other local authorities, so that you can be aware of potential deal breakers. Some common issues to consider are whether it lies on a floodplain, and whether there are new developments or planned infrastructure projects nearby.
  1. Conduct your own pre-purchase home inspection. Even if the seller has conducted their own inspection, it’s vital to do one of your own. Sometimes there is pressure to forgo the inspection, but this might cost you thousands of dollars in the future. 
  1. Keep an open mind: Evaluate multiple properties in multiple locations. You might be surprised by what you like. There are a lot of things to be considered with every property. Some factors to consider are the distance from work, schools, amenities, and other important places.

These tips are very basic, but they provide a strong foundation for a successful property search and homeowner experience. When you have the basics covered, you can focus on finding the perfect home. You might even have fun! 

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